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Drawings Blowhole

An archive of artworks on paper


Christian Sciascia (1977) is a fine artist . DISEGNO FANTASTICO

He started to [hard] draw on 2006 after a MD in Industrial Design in Politecnico di Milano.
He love draw full-time on paper with pens and markers without a pencil trace and he use to draw also on ipad in vector mode.

In cetology, a blowhole is the hole at the top of a Cetacean's head through which the animal breathes air.
It is homologous with the nostril of other mammals.
As whales reach the water surface to breathe, they will forcefully expel air through the blowhole.
Not only is air expelled, but so are mucus and carbon dioxide from the animal's metabolism, which have been stored in the whale while diving.
The exhalation is released into the comparably lower-pressure, colder atmosphere, and any water vapor condenses.
This spray, known as the blow, is often visible from far away as a white splash, which can also be caused by water resting on top of the blowhole.Air sacs just below the blowhole allow whales to produce sounds for communication and (for those species capable of it) echolocation.
These air sacs are filled with air, which is then released again to produce sound in a similar fashion to releasing air from a balloon.
I close my drawing on paper in a paper-box. I call them ICONBOX!


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